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We're different .... and different is good!

Don't get us wrong.  We believe in tradition and traditional values.  But sometimes doing things the same way year after year doesn't make sense.  Remember the definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

The same holds true for planning for our families and businesses.  Going to a lawyer who asks you a few questions, reviews a questionnaire, and then tells you how your plan should look is just like doing that same thing over and over.

Sending you a big packet of documents weeks or months after your first brief meeting results in a “call when you're ready to sign” letter ending with a 10-minute signing meeting and a “call me if you need anything” good-bye.

How can you expect planning that truly addresses all of your needs, that you can actually understand and explain to your family, and that contains your unique provisions if the attorney barely knows you?

We will get to know you.  At GLO we are reviving the lost art of listening.  It's your planning, not ours.  We'll guide you through the rules and dismiss the myths and wives tales.  You tell us how you want to take care of your family and business.  We will listen and put everything in place.

We will keep in touch.  We will help you keep your plan current.  We won't say good-bye.

See…different is good!

We’re Different and Different Is Good.

At GLO we’re reviving the lost art of listening. It’s your planning, not ours. You tell us how you want to take care of your family and business. We will listen and put everything in place.
— April Grunden

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