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April Newsletter

April 2021

A sticky, but necessary conversation

Since we've turned the page from March to April, make sure you circle Friday, April 16th on your calendars! National Healthcare Decisions Day is on April 16th, and it's an important reminder for every adult to begin having conversations with loved ones about their most private wishes for medical and end-of-life care.

Far too many people assume that their families would make the choices they would want in an emergency. Yet every day we hear stories of adult children, siblings, or other relatives battling during a healthcare crisis over “what their loved one would have wanted” in that situation. 

In honor of National Health Care Decisions Day, it's a wise idea to set aside time this month to begin difficult conversations with loved ones about your personal medical preferences for medical or long-term care if you haven't already. Here are some important questions to consider:

  • Whom do you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf?
  • How do you feel about feeding tubes, life support, and other artificial life-saving devices?
  • Is there any type of medical care you would NEVER want?
  • If you were permanently disabled or incapacitated, what things would contribute or take away from your “quality of life”?
  • What are your thoughts on nursing home vs. in-home health care?
  • How would you like your family to pay for the care you may need if co-pays become excessive or insurance does not cover your treatment?

One final key point to consider when documenting your wishes and choosing the healthcare agent that will ultimately carry them out is that the person you choose should want to have this responsibility. There are people who do not want or can not handle making medical decisions–even for their own spouse.

Remember, if the time comes that the health care directive needs to be used it is going to be a very high-stress, emotional time for this person. Are they up for the job? Do they want the job? So, take the time to have an additional conversation with whomever you are considering to make sure that they can and will be willing and able to make the decisions that you would want them to make.

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April S. Grunden
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March 3rd was Caregiver Appreciation Day at the office and we celebrated the caregivers we serve with some sweet treats! We know that the job of a Caregiver comes with its own challenges. Our treat was a small way to say "thanks."

Look at all of these pajamas just waiting to make their way to area nursing home residents! We were honored to be a drop-off location for the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program's Annual Pajama Drive and we collected all sorts of pajamas for adults in area nursing homes. If you aren't familiar with the Long Term Care Ombudsman, be sure to check them out at and learn more about the important advocacy work they do for nursing home residents.



FEMA to rollout assistance program for funeral costs related to COVID deaths

The federal government recently announced that funeral assistance payments will be available for COVID-19 related deaths incurred after January 20, 2020. Applications for assistance are being accepted by FEMA as soon as April and can reimburse funeral and burial costs up to $9,000.

According to FEMA's website (, COVID-19 Funeral Assistance will “assist with expenses for funeral services and interment or cremation.”  Expenses for funeral services and interment or cremation typically include, but are not limited to >>> READ MORE <<<

"My daughter and I came to see April and we were very happy. April explained everything to us in a way that we could understand. I got everything I needed. I was especially grateful for the fact that everything was handled so quickly -- it made it seem effortless." – Gerre

At GLO we are reviving the lost art of listening. It's your planning, not ours. We'll guide you through the rules and dismiss the myths and wives tales. You tell us how you want to take care of your family and business. We will listen and put everything in place.

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At GLO we’re reviving the lost art of listening. It’s your planning, not ours. You tell us how you want to take care of your family and business. We will listen and put everything in place.
— April Grunden

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