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August Newsletter

College-bound: What parents need to consider before sending their kids off to college

Did you know that your college student needs an estate plan? "Why," you may ask? The answer comes down to age.

Many parents consider putting estate plans in place as a vital element for their family's financial foundation; a means of protecting their loved ones from unnecessary stress, harm and distress in the event of a crisis. Yet many parents aren't aware that getting an estate plan in place for college-bound students or adult children is just as important. As students start to head back to school, consider a few practical tips to help your child truly be ready for their academic careers. <<Read More>>

What's news with us...

Recently our team member Christie Browning (pictured left) was in Tennessee where she spoke to an audience offering encouragement and empowerment to overcome disappointments and setbacks. In her spare time, Christie speaks to women's groups, is seen on college campuses and was recently featured on a local radio station promoting her message.

Karri Duhaime, our senior paralegal, recently attended Northeast Indiana Paralegal Association's luncheon that focused on creating a more efficient and healthier work environment. Membership in this exclusive and prestigious group allows Karri to stay on top of her profession with regular seminars, luncheons and events aimed at her success and know-how.



Check out our blog to see our 4-part series for National Sandwich Generation Month, aimed at bringing support and awareness to those families sandwiched between raising their kids and caring for aging parents. 

<<Read More>>

from the GLO blog...

  • How to Tell If Mom or Dad have “Inadequate” Documents

  • Have "The Talk" NOW with Your Parents About Their Healthcare & Long-Term Care Wishes

  • Determine How You Will Pay for Long-Term Care Services

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Online Resource Spotlight

Indiana Code allows for you to designate various aspects of your funeral through the Funeral Planning Declaration. 

Should you choose to not pre-plan your funeral or not have the opportunity to do so, this form can be a valuable reference for your family as they make these important arrangements.

To request your free Funeral Planning Declaration <<Click Here>>.


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