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Biz Protect

Getting your business up and running is just the start of a successful enterprise. Each year, you must complete important tasks to protect your business and stay in compliance with state laws. You may need BIZ PROTECT if you don’t have ready answers to these questions:

  • Who will ensure required meetings are held and properly documented?
  • Who will properly document the actions of your business?
  • Who will file the required reports with the Secretary of State?
  • Who will help you make sure your business records support your tax returns so they can pass an IRS audit?
  • Who will keep you informed of changes in the legal environment that affect your business entity?


The BIZ PROTECT program is an innovative, convenient, and cost effective way to make sure your business entity continues to protect you, your family and your assets. This unique package of services allows you to focus your time and energy on running the business, rather than the chasing after the tedious but critical paperwork it demands.