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Estate Planning Awareness Week is October 16-22

Each year, the third week of October is focused on awareness for the need and importance of Estate Planning with Estate Planning Awareness Week. However, only 40% of Americans have a Last Will and Testament. This means the majority of Americans are not properly protecting themselves and their families. 

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There's a myth in our world that Estate Planning is only for the rich and well-off population. Day after day, folks call into the office to schedule a complimentary conversation and close the call by saying, "I just need to have a Power of Attorney in place. I'm not sure if I really need any other Estate Planning... I don't have a lot of money." This perspective is truly a myth. Estate Planning is designed for people at every wealth level. 

Who needs to consider Estate Planning? 

  • Parents who may want to designate a guardian for their children should something happen to them.
  • Parents who have children with special needs that may require assistance and care after they have passed.
  • Homeowners who want to avoid probate and would like to transfer their home to a designated beneficiary on their death.
  • Business owners who may want to keep the business within the family.
  • Asset holders who have specific requests for their cash and investment accounts.

These are just some of the reasons Estate Planning may be important and vital to you and your family.  

Although it can be difficult to have some of these conversations, starting the process does not have to be confusing.

Some of the most basic questions to ask yourself may include:

  • Who would I want to make financial decisions for me if I am not able to do so?
  • Who do I know and trust to make health care decisions for me if I am unable to do so?
  • Who can I depend on to carry out my wishes after I pass away?
  • Do I have particular items I want to give to specific individuals?
  • Are there specific things I want done with my retirement and cash accounts?

There are other aspects to consider when it comes to Estate Planning. That's why working with an attorney is important. We'll walk you through the different facets of your particular situation and ask the necessary questions to deliver a comprehensive plan that you understand and that you feel confident in implementing. 

For years our slogan has been "Your plan...Your choice...Our assistance." because we believe every family and situation is unique. There are no cookie-cutter estate plans. More importantly, your estate plan should be about YOU...designed with you in mind, delivering your choices. We are here to simply put the pieces in place and ensure your design is carried out with the right legal parameters to support it. 

Whether it is this week or the next week, take time to explore your estate plan with a professional. We are here to answer your questions and help you.. and we do it with a complimentary consultation! Contact us today for your appointment at 260-969-1177.