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Thanksgiving: Time to ask these 5 questions

Posted by Grunden Law Office | Oct 29, 2018

With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, our team wants to say “thank you” for being such a wonderful friend and client of our law firm.

This year we've reached more people than ever with our message of having “tough conversations” and the importance of having a plan that ensures your family, wishes and assets stay protected if the unthinkable happens.

That message has since gone on to change many lives in 2018, as we've had the opportunity to:

  • Help seniors restructure their estates so that they could qualify for Medicaid without having to sell or give away everything they've worked so hard for though the years.

  • Help parents of special needs children create rock solid plans that ensure their child is always taken care of, even in their absence.

  • Empower caregivers with the information and legal documents they need to make important medical decisions and better manage their loved one's affairs.

  • Help grieving family members quickly and easily administer a loved one's estate after loss.

  • Help people put the right plans in place that will protect their minor children, assets or the things they love in an emergency.

We are so grateful for each and every person we've had the ability to help and we are even more grateful for clients and friends like you who continuously spread the word about what we are doing at here at GLO.

It's our mission to at least get people talking about their estate plans as you all gather together this holiday season.  We want to see adult children asking their parents, “what are your long-term care wishes, have you legally made it easy for me to help you and do we have a plan to pay for home healthcare or nursing home care if it becomes necessary?” 

We want to see spouses sitting down together and thinking about who could raise their children if a serious accident or life-threatening illness occurs.

Most importantly, we want to see people taking action and creating rock-solid plans to protect themselves and their loved ones through all of life's transitions—whether that involves our services or not.

It's time to get serious about estate planning and that is what we are determined to help people do!

So as you gather with your friends and family over the holiday season, won't you talk to them about their end-of-life wishes and the plans they have in place?  Will you keep spreading the word about this important topic so more families are prepared if the unthinkable happens?

We know you will, and remember, we are here if any legal questions or challenges come up during the process.

Download our free postcard that offers 5 simple questions to ask so that you can better understand your loved one's wishes during a medical crisis. 

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