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UPDATE: Waiver slots re-opened after review of FSSA fiscal resources

Posted by Grunden Law Office | May 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

courtesy of Aging & In-Home Services

UPDATED MAY 31, 2018:

Officials with Aging & In-Home Services of Northeast Indian have confirmed that waiver spots are now available. The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, also known as FSSA, has determined that the Division of Aging is in a position to continue waiver services. Aging & In Home was instructed to not place any new individuals on a wait list with regards to aged and disabled waivers. According to Aging & In Home of Northeast Indiana, those currently on the wait list will be "targeted promptly."

Original post from May 24, 2018

Waiver slots run dry; Waiting list process implemented

Effective May 24, 2018 the State of Indiana no longer has available slots for the Aged & Disabled waiver program and has implemented a waiver waiting list for these cases, reported Aging & In-Home Services of Northeast Indiana. This will effect new referrals and any cases that have been assigned to a case manager but have not been completed.

Aging and In-Home officials have confirmed that eligibility determinations. thru face to face visits, for any new referrals will continue, however they will then place the client on the waiting list. Clients will be encouraged to work on gathering Medicaid paperwork and explore other options for services such as medicare or private pay services if appropriate.

Ongoing Case Managers who have been assigned cases and have them in process will notify their clients about this decision and get them placed on the Aged and Disabled waiver waiting list.

The State will notify Aging and In-Home Services when they start targeting names on the state-wide waiting list. When that notification is received, cases will be brought back into the process so they can be worked through to completion.

Any cases that have previously received slot approval letters are good to continue through the process, and can move ahead on obtaining Medicaid eligibility.  

Aging and In-Home Services reports that the State of Indiana "hopes to start targeting cases July 2, 2018 from the waiting list, but we will not be able to predict when a client will come up on the waiting list as we cannot predict how many will be targeted monthly by the state."

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