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Tips to Avoid Probate


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Probate is a long, time-consuming process that can become expensive, eating away at the assets in your estate. Don't add stress and lengthy legal processes to your already grieving family. Take the steps today to protect your estate and your family. Learn these 10 estate planning tips that can help save your estate and avoid the probate process. This online, on-demand workshop features a candid conversation with Grunden Law Office owner and attorney, April Grunden, as she walks you through each tip with easy-to-understand terminology. You'll learn:

  • how beneficiaries work vs. your Will or Trust
  • the legal steps to take to keep your real estate from triggering probate
  • how to secure personal property
  • what probate is and what is involved 
  • the benchmarks for filing requirements in Indiana

Have you ever wondered if you truly have the right documents in place to

ensure your estate is handled according to your wishes?

Now is the time to be sure.

The topic of "probate" might seem overwhelming and maybe even daunting, but in this workshop, we'll dispel the myths and make it easier for you to understand. More importantly, you'll walk away having an idea of what you might need to put in place to protect you and your assets best. The legal and financial strategies you'll find in this workshop are designed to help you plan ahead and be proactive in your estate planning decisions. You will discover these 10 tips that will help you and your family gain peace of mind and confidence that your estate is intact.


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— April Grunden

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