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February Newsletter

Happy 2020! We hope that this year is off to an excellent start for you and your family. As we came back into the office after the break, we started to get an uptick in calls from people who were concerned about mental or physical changes they noticed in their older loved ones over the holidays. This is actually a common thing we hear in January and February; when you get together with family members who you don't see that much during the year, the level of decline that you might notice can be shocking and alarming. If you had a similar experience over the holiday season with an older loved one, it may be time to get together with an attorney to learn your options for taking over control of his or her affairs or how to secure the next level of long-term care that is appropriate (home health care, assisted living, nursing home, etc.).  If we can help you get started, feel free to call the office at 260-969-1177 and ask to schedule a consultation.

Timely Topics...
February 21, 2020 is National Caregivers Day!
This is a day to notice the health care professionals dedicated to caring for those that necessitate long-term or hospice care.
In case you missed it...

The ball has dropped, the confetti has been tossed and hopefully you're recovering from the holiday fog. After weeks of celebrations and festivities, we come to that time of the season when we all start fresh…the new year. And with the new year comes resolutions. Did you make some new year's resolutions? More and more Americans are choosing to NOT set resolutions. Why? Because you and I both know that the sooner we make them, the sooner we are bound to give up on them. Don't believe me? Just look at the gym on January 2nd and 3rd compared to January 22nd and 23rd. <<Click here>> to learn more! 

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— April Grunden

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