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Now that you've officially gone through the estate planning process with our firm, I'm hopeful that you feel relieved and secure knowing that your family and assets would be protected if something happened to you. I'm aware of how tough it can be to think about and plan for some of the issues we addressed in the office. Nor is it convenient or easy to gather all the documents and information that we needed to finish your plan.  And, who wants to work with a lawyer?  It's true, I get it.  

I hope that on the other side of the process, though, you see that it wasn't so painful after all.  We created this firm with your needs and mind, as every system and procedure in our office is designed to take the uneasiness, administrative burdens, and guesswork out of estate planning and elder law.

If you would agree that we are unique and we've made the planning process a straight-forward and stress-free experience for you, I'd like to ask you for a favor.  Thanks to technology, we now have a spot on our website where we can receive reviews of our legal services online to let other local individuals and families know what to expect when they work with our firm.

If you've had a great experience with our law firm, would you mind taking a moment to leave a review about our services on our website?

Again, you know first-hand that it can be hard to tackle estate planning, and the decision of which attorney to hire is an important one. It can be tough to find someone you trust that will look after your needs and handle your planning with grace and ease.

By leaving an online review of your experience, you will not only be helping us, but, more importantly, you'll be doing a good deed and paying forward the financial and legal peace of mind that you now enjoy.  

We've even made it easy for you to help other families in our community just like yours.  Simply scroll to the bottom of this page and you will find links to each review site such as Google and Yelp — all in one place. Even if you can't leave a review on all the sites you will be directed to, we would be grateful for any feedback that you can offer.

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We’re Different and Different Is Good.

At GLO we’re reviving the lost art of listening. It’s your planning, not ours. You tell us how you want to take care of your family and business. We will listen and put everything in place.
— April Grunden

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