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Medicaid Planning

Medicaid Planning


The Medicaid Planning attorneys at the Grunden Law Office in Fort Wayne understand many more families these days are facing the need for nursing or in-home care. The costs of long term care are going up and the financial hardship associated with this care is a very real concern.   At the Grunden Law Office, our attorneys walk families through the maze of Medicaid eligibility, penalties, lookback periods and tax implications.  We assist seniors and their families in navigating this complex area on a daily basis.

GLO Medicaid Planning

  1. Medicaid Assessment: providing a complete and thorough evaluation of your long term health care and financial needs.

  2. Educate our clients on Medicaid basics.

  3. Develop a detailed plan of action based on your individual needs.

  4. Walk you through each step of our Medicaid Plan and obtaining Medicaid eligibility

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