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April Grunden

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I am the anti-attorney.  I buck the system at every turn because I believe the system is broken.  I have seen the old way of dictating to families and business owners how their plans should work.  I've seen how attorneys run roughshod over clients. Enough is enough.

I want to protect my family.  I want to know the rules and the options.  I want to decide what is best and understand the documents I sign.  I want to work with my advisors, not be a victim.  I want things to be as easy as possible on my family when I can no longer take care of them.

I believe most people feel the same way.  That's why I started Grunden Law Office, LLC.  My goal is to make the estate planning process easy and comfortable by explaining the rules of the road; offering advice; empowering my clients to protect their families; delivering a complete plan that accomplishes their goals; and follow-up to be there as things change.

No fluff.  No confusing legal jargon. My passion is to build lasting client relationships with clients who feel they have real choices and understand how their plan works.  Help when it's needed and periodic reviews to ensure a lasting legacy.  Security and comfort in knowing it's taken care of. That's my passion and my promise.


"I have met with many attorneys in my lifetime and felt inferior in almost every way - afraid to ask a dumb question, not completely understanding the legal verbiage, not self-assured enough to know exactly that I needed or wanted. Well, I'm very happy to write that I've found an amazing attorney and staff member in April Grunden and Christie Browning. They were very hospitable individuals, extremely knowledgeable, eager to adjust to my personality, have the unusual ability to listen and answer questions, quick to meet my needs, and had wonderful sense of humor. Best of all, they were informative. I received an education concerning my estate-planning endeavors. I actually knew what was legally put in place and why. I have been so excited about my new 'attorney find' that I've told many friends about my pleasant experience at Grunden Law Office, LLC." – Cherryll 

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  • A Real Find

    Competent; Caring; Responsive to all of my family's estate planning needs. Referring to the services that the Grunden Law Office provides was a real find for me and my family. Thanks, April, and staff.
  • Prompt, Courteous, Professional

    I have had the pleasure to work with April on two separate occasions. Once to settle my dad's estate, and secondly to set up a will of my own. April is always prompt, courteous, and professional. I would not hesitate to work with her and her team again, if the need would arise.
  • Very Knowledgeable

    Grunden Law Office is wonderful. April is very knowledgeable, thorough, and thinks of every aspect of estate planning. Highly recommend for all your estate planning needs.
  • Expertise in Completing Necessary Paperwork

    I became acquainted with Attorney April Grunden in late 2019 on the recommendation of my financial advisor who suggested I have my sons listed as beneficiaries on the deed to my house after my husband passed away 5 months ago. I didn't realize all the other legal documents I needed until April ad...
  • Work Around our Busy Schedules

    We began using the Grunden Law Office when we were selling our business. We had only a few months to complete the sale and we needed someone who was experienced in Corporation Sales since we had no clue where to begin. We were very pleased with how April and her staff were able to make the transi...
  • Language We Could Understand

    Thank you, April, for taking the time to go over the materials you prepared for my wife and I. April spoke in layman's language that we could understand and not just the legal jargon that takes a law degree to understand.
  • No Worries

    Very professional and educational. When we left we had no worries. Everything we wanted was taken care of just like we asked. I would recommend that April talk to my friends.
  • A Great Job

    April and her team at Grunden Law have done a great job with my estate planning. I feel comfortable that April has all of my interest in order.
  • A Godsend for our Family

    Grunden Law Office has been a godsend for our family. Not only were April and her team able to make the probate process smooth for us in the year after our mom died, but she and her team also helped us navigate the labyrinth of Medicaid and Estate Planning, the ins and outs of which we never woul...
  • We Can Count on April

    April has guided us through setting up a Charitable Remainder Trust and preparing wills. She has always answered our questions in a way we could understand and make suggestions that were beneficial to us. We know we can count on April for our legal needs and recommend her to others.
  • Professional and Easy to Understand

    Working with April and her staff was very professional and easy to understand. Establishing a trust to protect my three young boys was very important to me. April was thorough and extremely knowledgeable about any and all the complex questions I had. I am very confident the interests of my childr...
  • Beneficial and Enlightening

    The thought of making a will can be quite daunting, fortunately April and her team's professionalism took us through the process step by step and explained everything. We found the experience beneficial and enlightening. Thank you April. We would not hesitate to recommend Grunden Law Office to fa...
  • Extremely Happy

    April and her team made the entire Estate Planning process simple and easy to understand. We especially appreciated how it was tailored to our specific needs. April and her staff are friendly, courteous, and demonstrate a genuine concern for us. We are extremely happy with the great value we rece...
  • Very Compassionate

    My husband and I have been planning to prepare our wills for several year, but thought it would be a complicated and time consuming process. We had even met with another attorney and still had not proceeded. When we met with April, everything seemed to fall into place. She and her staff helped us...
  • Explained Everything

    April and her team did a great job explaining everything and took time to answer all of our questions.
  • Well Prepared

    April did such a fine job of answering the many questions I had and she demonstrated patience by listening not only to me, but to my son as well. April was so well prepared and was clear in her presentation. Thank you, April and the team, for helping in a very hard situation.
  • Fun to Work With

    April was very knowledgeable and informative on the subject matter of Estate Planning. She and her team were very professional, yet fun to work with.
  • Hands Down Would Recommend

    April is a pleasure to deal with and she takes being the "anti-attorney" to heart. Lower cost and being able to talk to people in common terms makes her passion for relationship building very apparent. Being different in a complex environment is a good thing. Hands down would recommend her to all.
  • Organized and Timely

    April and her team were terrific. Very efficient and organized. She understood our needs and was on point first draft. Very timely and very affordable.
  • Easier than we expected

    April and her entire staff made taking care of our estate planning so much easier than we expected it would be. April was very knowledgeable and thorough after we explained all of our expectations and wishes. We highly recommend her for estate planning. We look forward to a continued relationship...
  • Welcoming, helpful and efficient

    I was very impressed with Grunden Law Office. The staff was welcoming, helpful and efficient. April takes her time meeting with each client, ensuring all information is explained thoroughly. In addition, it is evident that the office is doing everything in their power to make it a clean, safe exp...
  • Like talking to an old friend

    Making an appointment with an attorney to discuss unpleasant but necessary subjects is not something I look forward to at my age, which is 86. I have had several occasions when I needed professional advice in business and personal matters, but the attorneys I worked with in the past have retired,...
  • Friendly and caring

    Establishing a Last Will and Testament is something that my husband and I were dreading, but knew it was an essential part of our responsibility for our children. After contacting Grunden Law Office, we met with April and she provided us our options. We took the info home and determined which was...
  • Everyone was so helpful

    Everyone was so friendly, efficient and helpful. You helped me very much by explaining all that I needed to know. I was glad my friend gave me the name of your law office. Thank you.
  • Expert knowledge

    I feel I am always treated with the utmost courtesy and expert knowledge. April is anxious to learn about her clients' lives which enables her to make a better choice of advice. Her assistants are crisp, thorough and leanred. That is why she is my attorney.
  • Ease and simplicity

    Typically when you think about updating your Wills, Powers of Attorney, and everything else involved with estate planning, you just want to cringe. We were so pleasantly surprised by the ease and simplicity of the process. April and her whole team at GLO made the process smooth and painless with ...
  • We came away feeling good

    It was time to upgrade our estate plan and again we found Grunden Law Office to be very professional and helpful. We came away feeling good about the experience. Thanks to you, April, and your staff.
  • Professional and kind

    April and her staff were very professional and kind. They took their time and explained everything very clearly. They were accomodating to my schedule and were available for any questions.
  • The process was easy

    The whole process was easy. April took her time and explained everything. Glad I went to her for my planning and Will.
  • Working with our own family

    We needed a new Will and Trust and heard good reports about Grunden Law Office. After meeting with April and she explained very clearly our options, we went ahead and asked her to draw up the papers. When we asked if our adult children could be present she gladly agreed and even encouraged it. Th...
  • We are very pleased

    Grunden law Office is friendly, professional and caring. I would highly recommend Grunden Law Office. April meets with you initially and is pleasant and professional. She listens to you. Her staff is very accommodating for appointment scheduling also. We are very pleased we did our planning at Gr...
  • Genuine concern

    My experience with the Grunden Law Office was extremely satisfying. They are knowledgeable and I feel they have a genuine concern for my well-being as their client. Questions that I didn't know how to ask were answered and the decisions and directives made benefit me. 
  • Peace of mind

    We cannot thank the GLO team enough. Estate planning is not an easy thing to do or even think of. Planning the 'what ifs' with a toddler can feel very traumatizing, but it was all very seamless and almost painless, although hard to imagine the possibility that we could not be around to watch our ...
  • Friendly and welcoming

    April and her team were very professional and explained everything thoroughly and in terms my husband and I could understand. I would definitely recommend this law office to anyone. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. 
  • Really cared about my wellbeing

    I have never been to any attorney's office which was as professional as the Grunden Law Office. Not only was I treated nice, but I felt as someone really cared about my wellbeing.I thought April and Emma were great. Thank you again!
  • Answered all my questions

    April and her team were very helpful. I just wanted a simple Will and Living Will. They explained everything in terms I could understand and answer all my questions and made suggestions that helped me to decide the best way to make out my Will. Thank you all. 
  • Like old friends

    "We're so glad we went ahead with our estate planning, thanks to April and her amazing team. We know they put in lots of effort and many hours for us, yet from our end, it was surprisingly easy. We appreciate the peace of mind their hard work has given us so much. April and her entire staff are g...
  • Efficient and informative

    "Our initial meeting was efficient and informative, listing options clearly. The documents created to our specifications were reviewed with us in detail before signing. I would recommend April to anyone."
  • Help and guidance

    "We would like to thank April and her team for their help and guidance in getting our estate planning documents up to date and in compliance with Indiana laws. The office is a comfortable atmosphere and she and her staff are easy to work with. They are all very knowledgeable and thorough and pres...

We’re Different and Different Is Good.

At GLO we’re reviving the lost art of listening. It’s your planning, not ours. You tell us how you want to take care of your family and business. We will listen and put everything in place.
— April Grunden

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