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November Newsletter

Time for giving thanks...


With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, our team wants to say “thank you” for being such a wonderful friend and client of our law firm. This year we've reached more people than ever with our message of having “tough conversations” and the importance of having a plan that ensures your family, wishes and assets stay protected if the unthinkable happens.

We are so grateful for each and every person we've had the ability to help and we are even more grateful for clients and friends like you who continuously spread the word about what we are doing at here at GLO.

It's our mission to at least get people talking about their estate plans as you all gather together this holiday season. <<Click Here>> to read more about the 5 questions you should be asking this Thanksgiving season as well as download our conversation postcard! 

Online Resource...

Download our free postcard that offers 5 simple questions to ask so that you can better understand your loved one's wishes during a medical crisis!
 <<Click Here>> to get yours!


What's news with us...

Recently April and Karri attended the Elder Law Institute, an annual conference aimed at keeping attorneys, paralegals, and legal professionals updated on the latest laws and updates to Elder Law! 

This annual seminar updates our team on regulations and policies that could impact you and your family. From long-term care planning to "look-back" planning, this conference continues to deliver great updates and conversations about how we can serve you better. Want to learn more? Ask us about a Medicaid Estimate or a consultation for Look-Back Planning.

Thanksgiving Q & A...

Since Thanksgiving is coming soon, we asked our team to share a few favs for the season:

What's something you're thankful for? 

  • Christie: "I'm thankful for relationships that help me grow and make me better."

  • Delaney: "I'm thankful for time spent with my family."

  • Karri: "Spending time with my husband, sister, and puppies during the holidays."

  • April: "My family and the awesome team of talented and compassionate ladies at Grunden Law Office as well as our client families." 

What is one of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes?

  • Christie: "My husband's made from scratch green bean casserole with four kinds of fresh mushrooms- he even makes his own french fried onions!"

  • Delaney: "My mom's homemade mashed potatoes that she makes every year for the holidays."

  • Karri: "A peanut butter pie I make every Thanksgiving since I don't like pumpkin pie!"

  • April: "My favorite recipe is for Grandpa's Scalloped Potatoes."

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

  • Christie: "I am looking forward to the Annual Browning Cook-Off - each year we get together and everyone makes a pre-determined dish that we all judged to see who's is the best! It's a lot of fun and highly competitive."

  • Delaney: "I am looking forward to being around all of my loved ones, eating good food and playing games."

  • Karri: "I am ready to watch movies on my days off around the holidays!"

  • April: "I love the decorations and holiday movies that instantly put me in the Christmas spirit."

We’re Different and Different Is Good.

At GLO we’re reviving the lost art of listening. It’s your planning, not ours. You tell us how you want to take care of your family and business. We will listen and put everything in place.
— April Grunden

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