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Protect Your Children

Estate planning in its simplest form, ensures that your wishes are carried out upon your disability or death.  At GLO, our estate planning attorneys assist you in taking the necessary steps to make things easier on our family. That’s where a Will and Trust come in handy – directing who will be in charge of settling your final affairs and who will inherit your worldly possessions.

Aspects of your Estate Plan can include

  • Last Will and Testament

  • Trusts

  • Financial Power of Attorney

  • Health Care Power of Attorney

  • Living Will

Of course not every family or situation is the same, so we work with you to put an Estate Plan in place the meets your needs and carries out your wishes.

It's your plan... your choice... our assistance.

Check out these complimentary resources:

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Estate Planning Check-Up Checklist

Estate Planning Check-Up Checklist