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Your Plan

Your Plan

We help you create YOUR plan, not our plan! Step one in creating your plan is obtaining your contact information, family member information, and general financial information. We use a simple 3-page worksheet to help you organize your information. Your worksheet can be downloaded below.

But wait…that’s just the first step. A questionnaire only provides us with a general understanding. Anyone who creates a plan solely on a questionnaire is doing a disservice. When we meet, we will discuss your hopes, dreams, concerns, family, and financial dynamics. We LISTEN TO YOU!

It’s not about a just few questions and a questionnaire. It’s about walking through how everything plays out if your are disabled or you pass away. We guide your through the rules of the road and possible pitfalls. You become educated about the process and empowered to make the best decision for you and your family.

Download Estate Planning Worksheet